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Large Rectangular Universal Hood Louvers SKU:U5512SHL

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  • How many hood vents come in this kit?? This kit can be ordered as a pair of hood vents or just a single hood vent in the box. See options below.
  • 12" Height
  • 5.5" Front Width
  • 5.5" Rear Width
  • $189.99


    • Optimized louver design to maximize extraction flow velocities within a vehicle in motion
    • Reduces under hood pressure delta to reduce front end lift and increase net vehicle downforce.
    • Significantly reduces under hood temperatures by extracting heat and allowing fresh cold air to enter the engine bay.
    • Maximize life of engine accessories by reducing overall operating temperature.
    • Increases dense, cold air flow through radiator to promote lower coolant temperatures.
    • Louver backbone design maintains hood structural rigidity.
    • Contoured to fit your specific hood curve.
    • Installs easily with supplied templates.
    • Included in kit: Templates for cutting, rivets, washers, installation instructions, and necessary spacers for a factory quality installation.
    • Powder coated Satin Black for clean appearance and durability.

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    Fitment and Looks

    Customer Reviews

    • Performance
      Fitment and Looks
      Heat extraction kit on Challenger SRT
      Review by Anthonyon 9/28/2016
      I installed the kit yesterday and couldn't be happier, I never thought I'd see this drastic of a change on the temperature gauge on my Challenger. It being black, and having long tube headers makes the under hood temperatures ridiculous. It seems to be down about 35 degrees Fahrenheit now. The install was simple and well explained, I had no issues. Not only do these vents work wonders, track spec answered every question I had with patience and great detail. John sent me images of Challengers with the kit to get an idea of where to put them, and gave me a general rule of thumb on distances from the radiator and windshield to cut and out the heat extraction kit. The staff and product are on point, I highly recommend any one of these kits.
    • Performance
      Fitment and Looks
      Great quality and functional
      Review by Ajkirtonon 12/6/2015
      I purchased this vent for my 2015 fiat Abarth. The underhood temperatures were borderline obscene. It took less than an hour to install including painting all raw steel from cutting and drilling.

      The vent adds substantial rigidity to the low pressure area on the hood that was somewhat flimsy stock.

      I immediately took it for a drive once complete and you could see the heat pouring out. My temperature Guage also was 1 bar lower (digital Guage) no matter how hard I flogged the car.

      I am extremely pleased with the quality of the product and the instructions. The provided template allowed for all cutting to be done in one easy swoop.

      They also included 2 different size rivets. This came in handy as one of my mounting holes overlapped the hood ribbing. With the longer rivet and the included washers all mounted up flawlessly.

      I recommend this product to anyone trying to lower their underhood temperatures.