C5 Corvette T1 Hood Louvers Kit

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C5 Corvette T1 Hood Louvers Kit SKU:C5T1HL

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  • Designed specifically for the C5 corvette hood lines and low pressure zones behind the radiator and above the wheel arches.
    Center Vent
  • 13" Height
  • 15" Front Width
  • 20" Rear Width
    Side Vent
  • 17" Height
  • 11" Front Width
  • 9" Rear Width


  • Currently used on multiple winning SCCA/NASA ST2, T1 and GT2 race cars.
  • Optimized louver design to maximize extraction flow velocities within a vehicle in motion
  • Reduces under hood pressure delta to reduce front end lift and increase net vehicle downforce.
  • Significantly reduces under hood temperatures by extracting heat and allowing fresh cold air to enter the engine bay.
  • Maximize life of engine accessories by reducing overall operating temperature.
  • Increases dense, cold air flow through radiator to promote lower coolant temperatures.
  • Louver backbone design maintains hood structural rigidity.
  • Contoured to fit your specific hood curve.
  • Installs easily with supplied templates.
  • Included in kit: Templates for cutting, rivets, washers, installation instructions, and necessary spacers for a factory quality installation.
  • Powder coated Satin Black for clean appearance and durability.

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Fitment and Looks

Customer Reviews

  • Fitment and Looks
    Very satisfied! Looks great, functions even better.
    Review by Shawn Bon 9/14/2017
    The TrackSpec worked wonderfully. oil temps dropped on track, and coolant temps dropped on track and even if I take it to a show or drive it around town. Nevermind the fact it just looks awesome. I normally have front aero on there, too, and when combined with a front splitter and wing, even my wife commented on how the car felt planted when we last took it to 150mph down a back straight on track :)
  • Fitment and Looks
    Top Quality as Usual
    Review by Project FRCon 6/24/2017
    The install was a intermediate level job made easy by well thought out supplied instructions. This extractor kit is as effective (if not more) than many extractor hoods and looks appropriate. I've only had positive response from anyone who sees it.... "BADASS". Thanks Trackspec!
  • Performance
    Fitment and Looks
    Form and Function
    Review by Tway Motorsportson 3/20/2017
    Hands down the best solution for venting the undressed pressure on our race cars. We build every NASA/SCCA corvette using Trackspec Kits. Priced right, look great, and pull the hot air out from under the hood. Great product!
  • Quality
    Fitment and Looks
    Review by Thebigdogon 11/21/2016
    I have waited 15 years for someone to develop these scoops. I could have purchased a separate hood for my C5 but I just don't like parts laying around. The T1 kit is an alternative to purchasing a unfinished $1500 hood. Thanks to Trackspecmotorsports for this outstanding product