I asked John Nguyen, the president of Trackspec if I could write the inaugural blog for the updated website. I wanted that honor because I believe so strongly in his product. I met John and Christian at Willow Springs International Raceway a couple of years ago. I was struggling with some handling issues on my race car I was looking to sort out. I had been racing the car in SCCA T1 and had recently reconfigured the car to race in GT2. The addition of the rear wing, splitter and larger 335 tires on the rear up from 315 gave the car a persistent push. Dialing in sway bar changes, wing AOA changes, softening spring rates and camber changes were not giving me the set-up and performance I was seeking. John saw me and Ron in the paddock adding more hood venting louvers to the front of the car to reduce some of the under hood air pressure. I was not real fond of the louvers I had, but they were the commonly used ones in racing and I thought they were my only choice. He came up to me and introduced himself and told me about the new louver design he had. He showed them to me and they not only looked well-crafted and beautiful, much more than the ones I had on the car. I did some laps to test the original louver set and the results were not too good. I removed those louvers and re-cut the holes according to his template and Ron and I reinstalled the Trackspec louvers. I took the car out on track and what a difference it made. The push was gone from the car and I now had some latitude with conventional chassis set-up to dial in how tight or loose I wanted the car. As a piece of additional evidence to substantiate the pressure relief provided by the Trackspec louvers I want you to see this video from a race a few years ago at Auto Club Speedway that is representative of how much air pressure builds under the hood of my unvented/unlouvered Corvette race car. In this video you will see while I am leading an SCCA T1 race my hood bulge for a brief moment at 145 MPH and then instantly get stripped from the hood frame before you can blink an eye. Watch the video below and go to the 1:48 mark.

I like the Trackspec designed products. They are designed well, tested and made of good quality. Enjoy your Trackspec product. I think you will find it fast, functional and good looking.

Sincere regards,

Oli Thordarson
#22 Corvette SCCA GT2 and T1
#22 NASA ST2